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HVAC system treatmentAir Duct Cleaning Chicago provides air duct cleaning services in Chicago and Cook County. We clean all waste from air ducts and from the sensitive mechanical components of the heating and air conditioning units. Our team has over 12 years of experience, so you know you're in well trained, professional hands. With high quality duct cleaning equipment, we completely clean your home or office air ducts.

Choose Clean Air

If it has been a while since your air ducts were cleaned, it's worth taking a closer look. Indoor air pollution is pulled into the air ducts during heating and cooling cycles, coating the duct walls. These particles can be highly allergenic, like dust mite waste, dander, and mold spores. Improve indoor air quality at the source: your air ducts are a potential source of allergens where you live and work.

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Maintain Your HVAC System

The best filter in the world can't keep all the dust and mold out of your furnace or air conditioner. The dirt gathers on the blower motor and on the evaporation coils, causing them to work harder. A clean HVAC system works at peak efficiency. This not only helps extend the life of your system, but it may also save you money on your energy bills.

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The Best Cleaning Money Can Buy

Thanks to our 12 years of experience, we have encountered all types of HVAC systems and duct setups. We have invested in high quality equipment that lets us clean even hard to reach ducts and vents with ease. It all starts with your free air duct inspection, where we determine what your needs are and can give you an accurate, personalized estimate. We may tell you truthfully that it is not time for our full service option, but might benefit from a smaller cleaning, such as vent cleaning and dryer vent cleaning.

We will not rest until you are fully satisfied and breathing fresh, clean air. Call 312-380-9922 to schedule your appointment today.


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• How does air duct cleaning affect indoor air quality?
While it makes sense to clean dirt, dust and debris out of the passageways that carry air into your breathing space, there is, as yet, is no conclusive data that quantifies...

• How do I know which air duct cleaning service provider to use?
Finding a reputable air duct cleaning service provider will take a little bit of effort on your part. A good way to start is...

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