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Improve indoor air quality and remove contaminants from your HVAC system with Air Duct Cleaning Chicago's full line of services.

Free, No Obligation Inspection

We want you to feel comfortable when you choose Air Duct Cleaning Chicago. That's why we are happy to take a look at your air ducts and HVAC system at absolutely no cost to you. Just schedule your free inspection and estimate appointment. With our air duct video inspection, you can see what's inside your air ducts. Our technicians will also give you a price estimate. You'll find that we have fair rates for our specialized cleaning service.

Dust-free Cleaning

When the goal is a cleaner, healthier home, you need someone with the right equipment to get the job done. Our professional removal techniques and negative pressure cleaning system will safely remove all the dirt and debris from the air circulation system, without it getting into the air you breathe.

Keep Your System Clean

We want to help you keep your system cleaner between air duct cleanings. Whether you clean your air ducts every one to two years or every five years, the number one way to maintain your HVAC system in tiptop shape is to change the filters. Depending on the heating or cooling unit, you may need to change the filter every 1-3 months. We can fit you with a reusable electrostatic filter that will last for many years! Just rinse off, allow the filter to air dry, and reinsert. We can install and replace ultraviolet lights for you as well. Ultraviolet lights kill mold spores and other microbes so they can't settle and multiply in your HVAC system.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is dangerous to operate your dryer without an open vent. Lint from your clothes builds up in the vent and can catch fire, causing damage to the entire house, as well as threatening the lives of your loved ones. Reduce the risk of fire with our dryer vent cleaning service. We will remove all the lint from the dryer vent and duct.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Have confidence when you choose Air Duct Cleaning Chicago as your service provider. We perform our work carefully, correctly, and professionally. That is how we can offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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